Men can maintain good hair by adopting some good practices. There are some of the really good tips that can be used for maintaining good hair. Here are some of the good hair care tips for men that will help them in taking better care of their hair.

Do not dry hair with towel immediately after washing

It is a common practice to wipe hair with towel. However, it should not be done because your hair are extremely tangible after wash and after getting tangled in the threads of towel, they might break. The best thing is to shake the water by patting them in the direction of the growth.  After the excess water is taken out of the hair, then you are dry it with the towel.

Hair care Tips for men

Use normal water for washing hair

Never use either too cold water or too hot. Both the extreme situations are bound to make your hair weak and easily prone to breakage. Therefore, it is very essential that you should use normal water to wash your hair.

Avoid any sort of chemical treatment

Natural hair should be maintained in the most natural way. The more you use chemical treatments, the more you make your hair rough! Try not to go for repeated hair coloring or perming. Ask the stylist to make minimum use of chemicals or absolutely no use of chemicals on your hair.

Apart from this, you can use other tips to maintain good hair. These are:

  • Stay healthy and eat healthy
  • Reduce frizzing
  • Try to shun tight hats or cap
  • Use proper combs