There is the specific part of our bodies that can easily disclose all the tiredness, habits and the food we select or how much we exercise everyday. Whatever we actually do, it then affects the skin at some point of time or the other. If we do not adopt a healthy lifestyle, the skin loses all its firmness. The looseness of skin might not get noticed in the early youth, but it cannot be ignored at later stages of our life. So, what can we actually do for preventing the skin to lose its elasticity and shine? Actually, we need to have a healthy life to maintain a firm and fresh looking skin.


The very first step for having form skin is to moisturize it everyday. Wind, improper and harsh soaps, central heating, air conditioning, cold and sun are all the factors that contribute in making the skin lose its overall moisture level. It is wise to apply certain oil or cream after taking bath and especially on face and hands in order to have a moisturized and glowing skin. Eating healthy is also essential to have a smooth and firm skin. If you wish to have fast food rather than home made meals and green vegetables, you probably get high amounts of refined fats and carbohydrates but not the essential minerals, vitamins and proteins. So, try eating a healthy and balanced food to achieve ultimate clear and firm skin.

Using a good SPF content sun screen also helps a lot in giving the skin the most effective portion of Vitamin D. As sun can dry the skin cells and damage them, it is better to sue the renowned and effective sun screen lotion or cream to avoid fast aging process and skin looseness. Last but not least, it is a known fact that drinking high amounts of water can contribute a lot in regenerating the skin cells. In case the adequate amount of water is not consumed by the body, it becomes dehydrated thereby resulting in skin looseness and dullness.