Gout is another form of arthritis. Uric acid is a form of waste which the body produces. It is generally flushed out of the system but when it gets stored in the joints in form of crystals and causes a lot of pain. People of all age groups can be susceptible to gout. We already talked about different kind of Arthritis & you can check our detailed post on arthritis treatment Post 1, What is Arthritis Post 2, & Yoga for Arthritis Post 3 . This will give you better idea about arthritis & its treatment. Now lets check out some easy home remedies for Gout Treatment.

What is Gout Pain?

A gout attack can come more often than not unannounced without any prior symptoms and no notice at all, almost overnight.  It can last for around 5 to 7 days and the pain is excruciating. The joint can show a red or purple colouration. Some home remedies for gout pain can be:


Home Treatment for Gout Pain

  • A healthy Weight should be maintained.
  • Diet should be taken care of. A good diet is the way to wholesome happiness. Never indulge in crash diets and weight loss should always be slow and steady with proper and nutritional diet.
  • Alcohol consumption should be kept at a minimum or none all.
  • Diets rich in meat and sea food should be restricted. Even food like fish which is considered good otherwise should be eaten sparingly after consulting the doctor.
  • Medicines taken without prescription should be used only when they are very necessary.  Doctor should be consulted on the medicines that are already been prescribed.

Effective Gout Home Remedies Gout Home Remedies

In above given info graphic you can check some of the effective Gout Pain Home Remedies like Ginger Roots, Apple Cider Vinegar, even cold water can help you to get rid of pain during Gout Attach.

I hope these tips will help you to get rid of gout pain & provide you immediate solution during gout attach.