For a lady to gain pleasing and effective results in breast enlargement there are a few techniques that can maintain great results. Generally the choices available can be categorized into breast enhancement pills, natural breast enlargement and plastic surgery. For women who wish to go the natural way, it is best to massage the breast in an effective manner and achieve desired breast enhancement results. The process is simple and can be either done by oneself or by hiring the services of a good masseur.CRBR005312

Also, you can even add a good diet and some breast exercises in order to not just improve the health but even your breast size. Start at nipples and then push downwards with the first three fingers. Try to avoid applying pressure and carry on with calculated and smooth movements. After that, massage the breast tenderly with hands just as if you are kneading the dough. Hold your breast with both hands and make a kind of cup shape. Don’t try to use too much effort or pressure and be comfortable in the position. Work on the breast tenderly in a spiral movement and rotate the hands smoothly and slowly in a clock wise direction. Then repeat the movement in anticlockwise direction with some little more pressure.

At last, release your breast from your palms softly and run it with palms for an extended period of time without covering the areola part. Ensure that you do not get to nipples otherwise you will end up disfiguring the breast shape. Repeat the exercise for about 10 times or so for both the breasts. The great part about natural breast enlargement massage is that it is really safe and easy to do with no possible ill effects. What is enjoyed is the firm, fuller cupped and beautiful looking breasts.