In case you are suffering from the age old problem of hair loss and do not wish to try and experiment different treatments to stop hair fall, yoga can be the ultimate solution for your needs. As per the yoga experts, there is very little solution to stop hair loss difficulties in the western medicinal realm. Hair loss in both men as well as women serves to be a universal problem that can be caused by poor diet, hereditary problems or stress. Only one single western prescription minoxidil has acceptance as a great cure to prevent hair loss, but this minoxidil has a few or almost no effect in case of actual baldness.  hair_loss_remedy

Some yoga postures can contribute a lot in overcoming anxiety, stress, poor blood circulation and indigestion that are taken to be the major causes behind hair loss. Headstand yoga postures can prove to be really useful as they help in good head blood circulation and relieving tension. Also, trying massages can be of great help for hair loss issues. One can take a few minutes of gentle massaging on the head using fingertips to improve the blood circulation to the hair follicles thereby helping to grow lost hair.

Following are yoga postures that can help a lot in removing stress and enhancing blood flow in the head:

Camel pose


Shoulder stand

Standing forward bent

Downward facing dog

Knee to chest pose

One can even try the reflexology through buffing the fingernails of one hand to the other on regular basis for about 5 minutes or so. Meditation is yet another method to overcome the hair loss difficulty. Even the Divya Kesh Tail that is produced by the very famous pharmacy of Swami Ramdev can prove to be an ultimate cure to hair loss issue. The oil has Brahmi, Shweta Chandana, Amalakl and Bhringa-raja with other useful constituents.