chances-of-getting-back-with-exGetting the ex back after a sour breakup can at first seem to be a difficult task, if not impossible. In fact, it is better to accept the truth as fast as possible in order to get on with life and try out ways to get your ex back. Below are some of the simple tips for grabbing the ex’s attention back and not letting him go and that too without confronting it to your ex.

Firstly it is better to cut off all the communication with your ex soon after your breakup. You might need to change your contact number or stop using the net. But this technique is really helpful to get ex right back. It helps you to give time to yourself and understand the reasons for your breakup. Also, this time will allow your ex to miss you and regret the breakup. This time and space will even be good for your mental well being.

Also, utilizing this time to make one look all the more gorgeous is certainly possible. It may look like a very shallow thing but your appearance can bring your ex back to you. Take care of your skin and health in this time and observe your popularity among the other male counterparts. Doing so will show your drive as well as motivation to enhance your personality. Not to mention, looking attractive will gain all the male attention and offer a feeling of jealously in your ex.

Staying active with the outside world is another great step to get the ex back in life again. Going on parties or birthdays with close friends were you expect your ex to come as well can be highly useful. Not just you will be able to irritate and make him jealous by talking and being close to the other male friends, you will eventually see your ex coming back to you by trying to talk or text you.

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