Teeth are very important parts of our body. They help us give that beautiful smile that captures everyone. Healthy, well maintained and good looking tooth are the need of today. It helps to charm everyone around. With traditional methods falling out of date, dentists all around the world are developing technologies that help their patients with their pearly white smile. Cerec Restorations is one of them. These dental clinics are famous in the city of Vancouver.
Ceramic restorations are done by a Cerec Machine; it uses CAD-CAM technology for developing the tooth. The machine was developed in 1985 in Switzerland. There are three main parts of the machine including computer, camera and milling machine. Ceramic which is used for preparing the tooth is the strongest material; it uses porcelain infused with metal to create this strength.

Dentists prepare the tooth to do a ceramic restoration. The restoration is generally done for any part of Ceramic Restorationsthe tooth – veneer, crown, inlay or outlay. The tooth is first scanned with an electronic camera and image is created on a video screen. The process of restoration is starts from the scan; the computer forwards the image to the milling department. Here the tooth is created as a solid ceramic block.

The procedure of ceramic restoration is very much similar to filing or lab restoration of tooth. The only difference between a lab fabricated restoration and a ceramic restoration is the time taken for both procedures. A lab fabricated procedure would take a maximum of two weeks, whereas ceramic restoration is done within a few hours.

The advantages of a ceramic restoration are many they help in developing many characteristics of the tooth for the patient including aesthetic, durability and convenience. The tooth of ceramic restoration is very similar to the natural tooth. They have the same color and translucency like natural tooth, ceramic restorations can be developed in different shades which suit the patient’s natural tooth. The difference between ceramic porcelain and lab fabricated porcelain is that the lab fabricated one has possibilities of having porosities, microscopic dust and cracks in them which may cause damage later. The ceramic porcelain is made industrially and there is less possibility of dust and other minor cracks which may weaken the tooth. Ceramic porcelain is almost equivalent to the traditional gold. The success rate of ceramic porcelain is almost equivalent to gold.

The material ceramic used in the restoration has a very high wear and tear. It can easily suit the routine wear and tear that happens in the mouth and the material is not affected by change in temperatures while heating. The surface of ceramic is so smooth that bacteria cannot affect it.

The lifetime of ceramic restorations is 15 years almost equal to gold restorations which used to last a lifetime of almost 25 years. With more advantages than other lab fabricated restorations and a longer lifetime ceramic restorations have become popular among tooth restorations. Patients also like it for its natural look and the less time consumed in the process. Thereby ceramic restorations are here to stay and benefit many who have tooth problems.