The most basic signs or symptoms of nail fungus includes crumbling, brittle nails, thickened nails, discoloration like black, green, brown or yellow nails, foul odor coming from the nails and dull and shapeless appearance. The nail fungus can be caused by some invisible organisms which live in the absence of wet conditions and sunlight. This takes place to be the condition that takes place to our hands and feet. When we wear boots, shoes and socks, the feet spend quite a large amount of time in darkness with great sweat inside the shoes and boots. This blend of factors like darkness and sweat can ultimate lead to growth of the nail fungus.toenail1

Nail fungus can also become painful for the nails and it is better to ask the doctor in case you have diabetes or in case you are consuming medications which affect the immune system. It would further help to prevent further complications. There are some items as well when people turn to extra homemade remedies as the current treatments may take extended times to work and are also not so effective. There are two simple and effective home  remedies to get rid of the nail fungus infections including:

Vicks Vaporub


There are no medical reports to actually assess effectiveness of vaporub on the nail fungus. However, there have been many anecdotal reports that state great working behind Vicks vaporub as far as nail fungus and infections are concerned.

Vinegar soak may cure the nail fungus as well as some researchers have highlighted that it can easily inhibit the development of some bacteria. Specialists suggest that soaking one’s feet for about 15 to 20 minutes in the mixture of a single part of vinegar with 2 parts warm water can be really effective. But ensure that you rinse the feet well and pat dry them after removing from the solution.