Dark circle under the eyes can actually mar the real charm and beauty of any person. You can blame your own self of sleeping late at night and causing to be a reason for dark circles. Some simple home remedies for dark circles can actually work wonders.  Dehydration can serve to be the most important reason to get dark circles. Specialists say that it is good to have 8 ounce water every day to keep the skin cool and moistened. Water can even flush out the toxins thus reducing dark circles.cucumber

The rejuvenating feature of rose water can be effective to reduce dark circles. All you need to do is to just soak the cotton balls in rose water and apply them on closed eyes for 15 minutes or so. Also, it is noted that the refreshing properties of potato can treat the dark circles as well. A thin potato layer can be used on every eyelid for 10 minutes to see the reduced dark circle results.

It is even suggested that as lemon juice and cucumber are rich in Vitamin C, the mix of these ingredients can help to eliminate free radicals destruction, treating the dark circles under eyes. One can mix 2 teaspoons of cucumber with half teaspoon lemon juice to make a paste. Also, honey and almond oil should be mixed in equal proportions to reduce the dark circles around one’s eyes. Even more, the antioxidant features of the green tea because of catechins and polyphenols may prevent the dark circles. The tea bags can be placed on the closed eyes for about 15 minutes on a daily basis.

Last but not least, what is most important is to get regular and sufficient sleep. Specialists say that nice and sound sleep may promote great skin thus treating the problem of dark circles.