What are blackheads?

Due to excess oil on our skin oil gets trapped into our pores along with dirt dead skins etc. this is originally white in color but when it comes in contact with atmospheric oxygen it undergoes oxidation and turns into black color.  It is believed to be a problem similar to acne too. Many prefer going to parlors to get facials and get these removed. However the treatment is both expensive and painful. Also it has to be done regularly at certain intervals.

An alternate way is to go to the parlors for a single time in case the density of blackheads is too much and then follow the home proven remedies. We try to minimize our oil intake and also foods which make us sweat more and try to keep our faces clean all the time thus preventing any deposit of oil.

In order to remove black heads one of the best homemade remedies are mixing a paste of fuller’s earth or Multani Mitti and rose water and using this pack on your face. This helps to keep your skin smooth and free from blackheads.

Mixing a paste of Sandalwood and rose water and applying the paste on the affected areas helps in removing blackheads and also keeping the skin cool.

There are many other remedies for removal of blackheads too but once you get rid of blackheads you have to follow certain instructions in order to prevent them from recurring.

All ways use mild soap and cleansers to clean your face and keep them oil free.

Try using herbal based cosmetics as they are usually oil free.

Don’t use oil based creams and use minimum makeup thus letting your skin breathe.

Always use a natural scrub to remove dead skins and blackheads.

Drink plenty of juices and water. This helps to hydrate your body thus keeping your skin dirt free.

Follow these instructions to have a blackhead free and glowing skin.