A large number of women now prefer to have those smooth hair rather than the frizzy, feathered ones. But a majority of them are not aware of how to get smooth, soft hair with a natural look. Below are some of the ways to get smooth hair with ease.PM_Smoothing

In case you use the blow dryer, try keeping it on low heat level. This ultimately prevents damaging of hair from excessive heat and also keeps the twisted hair and broken ends thus offering a smooth hair profile. Dry the hair using a round brush. It might take some more time, but it will make the hair straightened without any hassles. In case you are possessed with curly hair, do not straight them everyday. The natural look is best to keep hair frizz to minimum.

Also, having a curly hair is not a big issue. Use a quality diffuser while blow drying. It will further keep the hair frizz down thus helping to get some great curls. Use light conditioner each day and then leave it for about 2 minutes before rinsing. Use the deep conditioner about once in a week to have extra smooth hair. Even using the shampoo with great PH balance is a great way to have the ultimate silky, smooth hair. Shampoo actually dries out the hair texture. In case you use the straightening machine, use the heat protection spray both before and after the straightening process. This will definitely help to avoid the heat damage on hair.