Our eyes serve to be the most expressive regions on the body and the eyes are completely unique. Naturally, the best way to emphasize eyes is through body piercing. While the facial or eye brow piercing is become more and more famous as well as acceptable these days, such piercing are making way for the new trends and methods of body piercing.eyebrow1

The eyebrow piercing is common in our culture. Eyebrow piercing may be done anywhere on one’s eyebrows, even though just the skilled piercing expert should be considered to do the piercing on such a sensitive area as the nerves are situated in this region. Most of the piercing is done at 40 degrees angle in order to minimize the risk of tearing jewelry out. The most initial jewelry used in eyebrow piercing includes the captive rings or curved barbells, as per the facial structure of the user. Some people even get multiple eyebrows piercing on a single or both brows. In fact, your creativity can make your eyebrow piercing really appealing.

A really uncommon and exclusive piercing that is popular these days is that of the third eye piercing, this is very similar to the bridge piercing and they are pierced with the help of surface bars and curved barbells. Such a type of facial piercing is located between the person’s eyebrows and thus is considered to be a really fashionable trend.

What is the meaning of third eye piercing?

Body piercing is not a new trend. This is an old form of body modification that has been going around 5000 years ago. There are many types of body piercing nowadays that people do, which is kind of fashion. Piercing between the eyes is something that many people would think twice because it is not a normal place to have piercing.

The third eye symbolizes the enlightenment according to the Buddhism and Hinduism philosophy. People who have faith in third eye Chakra would get the piercing of this type.third eye piercing

Do third eye piercing hurt?

Everybody have different level of tolerating pain. Body piercing is definitely painful but it all depends on which part you are getting the piercing. Every piercing is quickly done.The pain is there but you should not worry about it, otherwise you should not be doing it if you were worried about the pain it gives. When you are ready to get one, that pain is temporary and the outcome is a lifetime.

Third Eye Piercing Jewelry?

It is about time time to shop and get beautiful eye piercing jewellery. You can choose one that suits your facial structure. The common name for this type of  jewelry is Third Eye Bindi where much wider options are available.

Find the reputable and experienced person who have years of experience. Never run after cheaper price because you might end up with an inexperienced who may not do his or her job satisfyingly. The best way is to contact someone who have done any type of piercing before or ask anyone who works at Tattoo shop.