Ear piercing is the technique to make very small opening in ears so that the jewelry pieces like earrings or ear pins can be inserted easily in that region. Also, it is better not to get any germs with pierced ears so it is crucial to keep the ears all clean. For numerous days after the era piercing, you should clean the ears and then out an antibiotic ointment. Wash the hands first and then use cotton ball to apply some alcohol on the lobes or earlobes. After that, rotate the ear piece jewelry gently in your ear.casey_ear_piercing_2

The common areas for piercing include the tragus, across helix and rook. The common term “ear piercing” generally refers to the earlobe piercing whereas the piercing that is done in upper part of external ear is called as the cartilage piercing. The cartilage piercing is a bit complicated than the earlobe one and even takes longer period to heal any infection.

The helix piercing is the one that is done along the external rim of one’s eras. This type of piercing is a bit difficult to perform as the part of the ear is not so soft like the lobe. The ear piercing serves to be on of the most common and widespread practices in entire world. The main risks involved are actually negligible in case accurate precautions are taken. Even the healing period ranges from about 6 to 8 weeks in case of the ear lobe piercing. Also, precautions such as keeping the piercing wound clean till it heals completely, keeping headphones, telephones and hats away from piercing area is really important to have a good and protected piercing.