It is highly important to have strong fingernails. To have those great fingernails, it I better to follow some useful steps and have nice nails. First of all, trim the nails on a regular basis. This ultimately guarantees with not just beautiful looking nails, but will even remove the dirt that might be hiding behind the nail beds. It is crucial that you get your nail clippers replaced every now and them as the old ones may become rusty with some bacteria thus resulting in some sort of tetanus or infection in the nails. Use the sharp edged clippers while cutting nails and later file them with the emery board.longer-lasting-manicure

Remember to put gloves while washing clothes. In case you need to wash your hands for long span of time, use the rubber hand gloves in order to safeguard the hands as well as the nails in a proper way. Apart from clipping the nails regularly, do not even try to bite them. This can make the nails look unattractive and shabby. It is even unhealthy to bite the nails as it destroys the nail beds thus allowing for infection from bacteria or fungi. Be extra careful in case you bite the area surrounding the nails- the act of nail biting may serve to be a sign of some psychological problems.

Many a people are unaware of the fact that nails need to be properly moisturized. Cover the nails with a good hand lotion in order to offer them the perfect amount of moisturizer. More the hands and nails are in water, more you should use the moisturizer. Even the nail paint remover can dry out your nails, so, better moisturize them after removing your polish. In case the nails are really weak in their texture, moisturize them every night before going to sleep. Even a nice pair of hand gloves of cotton material worn all through the night can retain that moisture in the fingernails.