Having beautiful hands and long nails is simply the dream of almost every lady. Long time back, the Chinese females had the long, ravishing nails up to about 10 inches or so. Growth of one’s nails actually depends on the manual labor you put in. In today’s hectic life schedules, it is not possible to regularly file or take care of the nails, but there are a few steps that can be done with ease in order to have those ravishing looking and beautiful nails. Even though the small nails can prove to be really helpful to safeguard the fingers and even improve their dexterity. In short, the fingernails also highlight the overall well being of a person.Healthy_Strong_Fingernails_Beauty-Secrets_4_U

Long, slender fingers with excellently shaped nails with a glossy paint look really stunning. You need not require spending large number of hours in front of the mirror to have those perfect fingernails. With little efforts and patience, you can have those pretty looking fingernails.

Try rubbing the nails of one hand across nails of the other for approximately 5 minutes every day. This can raise the nail growth to a large extent. Products which are rich in chemical content offer way to loosening nails. One should use the sun block while going out in the sin. While performing the household activities, one should wear a pair of nice hand gloves. Using a nice moisturizer is also good to keep the nails well in shape and texture. In case the fingernails are splitting, fragile, weak or dirty, the issue can be traced back to the inadequate intake of water as well. Most people who do not consume proper water face problems with thier nails. It is wise to drink about 8 to 10 glasses water each day on order to have those lovely looking, strong fingernails.