There are basically two kinds of eye cancer. The primary intraocular cancer takes place inside the eyeball. Melanoma is a common kind of primary intraocular cancer faced by adults. The secondary intraocular cancer is not basically the eye cancer in strict meaning of the term, but it is the cancer which spread from some other body part generally from lungs or breasts. While this may be really serious, knowing symptoms of eye cancer can be the best tool to treat the disease in a proper manner.

Though it is very rate, some patients face pain in eyes as well. Some cases have even reported trouble in eye functionality and movement. Most times, increasing blind spot appears in eye, making it tough to see.

Eye Cancer

Symptoms of eye cancer in children and adults differ to some extent. Eye cancer symptoms depend largely on kind of cancer that the patient is suffering from. Some symptoms of eye cancer in the adults include floating tiny spots called the floaters, redness and pain in eyes, vision blurring and dark spots on the iris. In the adults, early stages of disease show no signs and symptoms whatsoever. These signs can be discovered only by diagnosis by the eye specialist.

Other common eye cancer symptoms include change in appearance such as watery, red and bulging eyes. Changes in appearance and color of the dark spots in iris are even not rare among people affected by eye cancer. Changes in the eye appearance may be the telltale symptoms. Some eyes suffering from cancer may even appear as bulging and protruding. There even may be change in iris color and appearance of dark spot on iris. In various extreme cases, some lump may be seen on eyelid with some crusting and bleeding as well.

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