Chocolates, perfumes and flowers may be nice for romance however a brisk walk every day may be all what you want to improve and spice up your sex life. Studies have shown that exercises can enhance and improve the sexual function for both genders. Exercises can also increase the potency and can make one’s sexual life more interesting and enjoyable.

Cardio endurance

For the enthusiastic sex lovers, you will have to build the cardio endurance. It makes the heart strong thereby keeping the body going. You can shoot for 4 to 5 days cardio exercises such as walking, running, swimming and any other activity that you take pleasure in.

Exercises to improve sex life

Flexibility adds to improved sexual life

Being flexible can also enhance the sexual life and making it simpler to get into the much liked position with minimum fuss. Try the stretching exercises after workouts and do some yoga on a daily basis. Yoga is relaxing and can help you lower down fatigue, pushing you to get into excited mood.

Yoga for new sex positions

Wish to shake up your sexual life with new sex positions? Doing yoga can help you with better sexual life through allowing the body to be into the creative, innovative positions and derive maximum amount of pleasure during the intercourse. The yoga postures that can improve the pelvic muscles include peacock pose, shoulder stand and the bow pose.

Walking to prevent ED

Brisk walking is also helpful in erectile dysfunction and improving the blood flow and circulation. Running, brisk walking and aerobic activities can keep the blood vessels all clear and the result can be longer and harder erections. Running and fast walking also help to release the endorphins and make you relaxed thereby boosting you overall sexual performance.

Sex even requires holding the positions for some span of time and so conditioning the body can prove to be a great plus for a longer lasting and improved sexual life. In case you are a novice in strength training, begin with the basic strength workout program twice to thrice in a week and learn about the weight training plans to enjoy sex to the core.