Losing right amount of weight is a desirable thing for many people. But it is quite a difficult thing to attain. If you are serious about weight loss, you can start few simple weight-losing exercises. It is always better to exercise for weight loss than to go on a crash diet. This harms the body more.

Some of the best weight loss exercise

There are various kinds of exercises that can be done to lose weight. There are certain points that you must keep in mind before you start your exercise regimen. First and foremost, you must never over-do any kind of exercise. Secondly, you must consult a doctor before you plan your exercises.

exercises for weight loss

Some of the best weight loss exercises are as follows:

  • Walking – Walking is a great exercise that can act as medicine for many ailments. Walking helps in burning the calories of the body in an effective manner and thus reduces weight. You do not need to walk very fast. A slow paced walk for a long time is the best exercise for losing weight.


  • Swimming – It is said that swimming is such an exercise that it moves all parts of the body. All the body parts get exercise with swimming. The various styles of swimming burn lot of calories and thus is a very good exercise for losing out weight.


  • Yoga and aerobic exercises – Both aerobic exercises and yoga are great ways to lose weight. They enhance the metabolic rate in the body and thus the calories burn faster. This helps the body to lose weight quickly.