Flossing is not similar to brushing in all respects but it too has the cosmetic and dental benefits. Flossing, when performed in a proper way, helps in removing food bits from the teeth and thus contributes in strengthening the gums via friction. In case the food particles are left between teeth, it may cause the plaque to settle in and permit the bacteria to offer damage to the gums. When the bacteria is all left on the teeth, this can further cause the tooth enamel to eventually decay thereby resulting in cavities. Also, it can result in severe gum disease in which the gum pulls away from teeth, just as if they are trying hard to get at bay from toxic environment.floss

The cosmetic benefits of flossing can be prevention of bad breath. When the food particles are left between teeth, they form plaque and thus cause one’s gums to become really inflamed or infected, the bacteria which decay food and teeth results in poor breath. While some people would argue that one needs to be close to smell the bad breath. It actually surprises many that even the far apart people may be able to smell the breath. Flossing also removes the visible food specks from between one’s teeth. In case one flosses in a correct manner and at regular intervals of time, the awkward moments will never actually take place. In fact, it is not also possible to carry on with flossing process after every intake of food but it is recommended that one should do it at least twice a day in order to eliminate the chances of food getting stuck on the teeth.

Last but not least, the procedure of flossing also removes food which decays via bacteria and results in bad breath in the mouth. Less the amount of bacteria in a mouth, less are chances to get stinky or smelly breath. Thus, flossing serves to be a crucial part of managing and maintaining healthy and fresh breathing mouth.