Dry skin is scientifically called as xerosis and is generally not serious. But, this skin type has very unsightly look due to the shriveled cells which form the wrinkles and fine lines on different body parts. Severe dry skin situations such as ichthyosis may be disfiguring as well as life threatening and thus the patients need to deal with this problem permanently. A large number of cases of dry skin originate from different factors such as cold or hot weather, extra bathing or washing as well as low humidity levels. Dry skin can even exist in severe and chronic forms, needing the evaluation and assessment of the dermatologist.dry-skin

Many shampoos also dry out the scalp that further leads to flaking. Products which reduce the humidity level result in dry skin as well like the space heaters, central ACs and wood burning stoves. Even swimming for long hours in the highly chlorinated pools can break down the lipid barriers on skin. The environmental factors also serve to be the usual causes of getting dry skin. Weather serves to be a causative agent as the skin tends to actually dry mostly in cold conditions and the low humidity areas. Existing skin problems can also aggravate in reduced temperatures. Detergents, chemicals and harsh soaps take the lipids as well as water from one’s skin. So, it is better to keep antibacterial soaps and deodorants at bay to stop damaging the skin any further.

Dry skin care needs to involve healthy lifestyle that can keep the skin moist and healthy. It is wise to use the moisturizers all through the day with natural ingredients. There are some cosmetic items as well that have cleansers, toners and moisturizers. Putting the baby oil on skin can also keep water from further evaporation. Indeed, using warm water rather than very cold or hot needs to be used to remove the excessive oil and retain just the amount that is needed by the body. Using the humidifier for controlling flaking and itching is also beneficial. Another great dry skin care step is to place the cool compress to dry body parts in order to minimize inflammation.