If you are really skinny and searching for the best details on how to gain weight healthy then you are actually sick of the various plans and dieting gurus offering ways to lose weight but with the information of how to gain weight easily. What is worse is that some women try hard and eat huge quantities to gain weight easily but to no use.

When a woman declared that she wishes to know how to gain weight for women, photo02she does not necessarily means gaining fat. But she is frightened of gaining the muscle mass. Unfortunately, there are just a few ways that can help you to gain weight quickly– in muscle or in fat.

Avoid the old cardio workouts that you might be doing. These are simply used to burn the fats and shed unwanted pounds from your body. The best thing that you can do is to actually add weights in the routine and start working in a comfortable zone. This is the way you can gain weight and muscle mass with that extra weight on your body.

Also, you need to increase the resistance in order to force your muscles grow. Try limiting the repetitions to about 4 to 8 per set with a total of 8 to 10 sets in each workout session. You even need to consume more and more calories like say about 500 to 1000 and above in each day in order to gain weight healthily. Have about 6 small means spread evenly all over the day as this will actually keep the metabolism really consistent and also keep constant supply of boost and energy to the muscles.

Last but not least, increase the protein intake about 1 gram. For example, if your weight is 150 pounds, you will require 150 grams of the protein intake every day. Thus all these steps will help women to gain weight effectively within no time.