Weight loss is something that has become a much popular term or practice in today’s times. Everyone wants to look slim and fit, to add extra points to one’s overall personality. While you may be on the right track to lose weight with healthy diet and regular exercising, there may be some things that you might be missing out and that may have been the reason behind your slow or half success.

Here we discuss the top Do’s and Don’ts of weight loss that you need to keep in mind at all times. These tips and suggestions will be of great help to you in achieving your weight loss goals.


Believe in yourself

Have you struggled hard to stick with some weight loss regimen that you think is really hard? Sometimes probably. At the same time, Does & Don'ts of Weight Lossyou do not have to blame the plan or diet about its complexity, you have to see yourself and notice the lack of belief that you have in yourself. You need to remember that you have to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

When you get that belief in yourself, you will have the inner power to carry out and follow even the toughest challenges. And so, the obstacles will seem smaller in front of your belief and trust.

Watch out the meal sizes  

So, the next time you eat out with your family or friends, just see the portion sizes. It is crucial that you get the meal size correct. Try eating more vegetables, fiber and fruits and less of dairy, sugary and fatty food items. Also, have a look at the meal size. Never opt out for the large sizes, try comforting yourself with the small portions.

Drink loads of water

You need to drink around half your actual weight of water each day. So in case your weight is 150 pounds, you need to drink at least 9 to 10 glasses of water.

Remember the weight loss term

Always keep in mind that there are not the bad or good foods, there are just good or bad diets. This simply means that you can have some treats when you achieve some goals.

Take proper rest and sleep

You may not be getting proper sleep and rest due to hectic schedules. With busy lifestyle, you may not be getting enough time to relax and rest. The problem is that lack of sleep and rest can prove to have detrimental effects on your capacity to lose weight. The hormone cortisol is produced in the body at times of fear, anxiety and stress. The main function of the hormone is to raise strength, safeguard the immune system as well as increase alertness of the mind. So, when the body produces much cortisol every day, you tend to gain weight and that too around your midsection. In that way, being un rested and stressed can badly interfere with the weight loss aims.

Stick to your goal

Whichever weight loss plan you choose, make sure that you follow the diet to the core. Do not just choose some parts that you find easy to do. Pick up some tried and tested plan and follow it thoroughly to ensure that you get maximum benefits out of it. Depending on the level of efforts you put in and the effectiveness of the plan, you will surely lose some weight in a few weeks.


Don’t go on calorie starvation

You need to remember never to go on the calorie starvation or derivation diet. These diets do not work at all and result in weight gain.

Never miss your breakfast

The best way to think that you are actually cutting back is by missing the most crucial meal of the entire day. Through missing the breakfast, you are actually more likely to indulge in snack eating and thus putting more weight to your body. So, always have a hearty and healthy breakfast.

Do not do it all in a single day

As you decide to opt for some weight loss plan, you definitely can’t wait to see the results. Everybody wants a magic wand to come and take away those ugly pounds off your body. But this is something unrealistic.

Make a proper decision of losing around 1 pound at one go and then slowly and steadily moving towards your goal. When you stay totally committed to the weight loss process, you will feel less frustrated and will not think of giving up.

Do not become too obsessive with the food consumption

If you start feeling that you are on diet permanently, just ask yourself the reason behind it. There is in fact no point going out with friends and family and keeping yourself deprived. So, just think of why to cut back on the joys of these occasions. Just cut back a day after or before the celebration and you will feel good about it.

Never skip your meals

You might get tempted to reduce the food consumption to shed off the weight faster, however this will just backfire on you by slowing down the metabolism. When you eat less, the body starts believing that it may be on the verge of starving and so it slows the overall processes, even your weight loss regimen. So, rather than not eating some meals, try to reduce the portion sizes. This way, you can eat various meals throughout the day so as to keep the blood sugar level stable and the metabolism going all powerful and strong.

So, these are a few Do’s and Don’ts of weight loss that we have summed up for all those looking forward to have a healthier, slimmer and fitter body. Follow these and have a great body.