There are a large number of points that need to be remembered while you are pregnant. These points can help you to keep your own self as well as your baby healthy and away from any kind of danger. There are some risks related with pregnancy but there are different ways through which you can easily avoid them. So below is the list of things that you should do and what you should not do during the pregnancy period.

Tip 1

Get regular check ups as it is the surest and most effective way to prevent any problems which may come up during the entire phase of pregnancy.

Tip 2

It has been noticed that German measles are dangerous and that too if they are caught by the pregnant woman. So it is better to get the German measles vaccination to avoid miscarriages or fetal deformities.

Tip 3

It is imperative that the pregnant lady’s diet consists of vitamins, fiber, minerals and other essential nutrients which are required to keep both the mother as well as the baby healthy. It is even advisable that the pregnant lady follows some exercise programs in order watch the weight.

Tip 4

It is necessary to have food items that are rich in fat and cholesterol as they are needed for absorbing the vitamins which are fat soluble like Vitamin A, D, E and K.

Tip 5

It is really painful to give birth to a child especially the labor pains and that too when the pregnant woman’s Kegal muscles are weak. In order to avoid extreme pain, it is imperative that you do regular Kegal exercises.

Tip 6

Junk food items are to be avoided at all costs as they do not contain much proteins and vitamins and make the eater feel filled up easily thus preventing from having other healthy and necessary foods. Emotional difficulties or depression can also cause high risk deliveries and even lead to miscarriages.

Tip 7

Drinking alcohol, smoking and taking drugs can pose serious health hazards to the mother as well as the child.

There are indeed a large number of dos and dont’s that need to be considered while one is pregnant. Becoming aware of such important facts can keep you as well as the baby inside the womb safe during the phase of pregnancy.