Power yoga is the term utilized in West to define fitness based, vigorous approach to the vinyasa style of yoga. Most of the yoga power poses are modeled on Ashtanga practice. Power yoga is a term that came into practice in mid 1990s when various yoga masters were searching for a way to make the Ashtanga yoga accessible to the people. Unlike Ashtanga, the power yoga or divya yoga does not need to follow some set poses. Thus, the power yoga sessions can vary. What is common in theses yoga power classes is to lay emphasis on flexibility and strength. Advent of divya yoga by Baba Ramdev heralded the current popularity and admiration of yoga as more and more people have started seeing this natural practice to work out.yoga

In a great Yoga session, people practice a large number of poses, like breathing exercises, chanting and meditation. In yoga, one gets to know the basic terms such as bandhas, chakras and mudras. In fact, yoga is all relaxing and fun. Yoga is also really therapeutic in nature. Some ailments that have been relieved, healed and reversed with due help of yoga power or divya yoga including allergies, anemia, arthritis, stiffness, intoxication, stress, thyroid, kidney stones, anxiety, anger, Alzheimer’s disease, acidity, sterility, insomnia, asthma, thyroid problems, stammering and stuttering, women urinary tract problems and vaginal infections.

Originated from Yujir Yogey, meaning unity, to join, put together or yoke, yoga is about mind over the body. Yoga is also about developing due harmony among the body and mind. In yoga power, one uses the mind to diagnose and then heal the body.