Constipation is the health condition that almost every person faces sometime or the other in his or her life. It is one among the most common problems that are faced by people these days. Constipation is actually the inability of passing stool as per one’s satisfaction level.

So, Divya Churna for constipation by Swami Baba Ramdev comes as a great solution. It is the great herbal supplement which is highly effective to treat different types of constipation. The herbal supplement is the manufacturing product of Divya yog pharmacy. The churna is a mix of some precious Ayurvedic herbs which help to relieve from the problem of constipation and make you fresh each morning.

Causes behind constipation:

  • Consumption of heavy food material that is tough to digest
  • Gastrointestinal tract disorders
  • Eating refined food items
  • Liver weakness
  • Intestinal obstruction
  • Certain medications
  • Consuming less of fiber and roughage
  • Fewer movements in the intestines
  • Taking less fluids

So, taking Divya churna for constipation comes as a great relief. The main ingredients that make this great churna include dry ginger, saunf, rock salt, rose flower, Krishna bija, senna leaves and Jangha haritaki.

Divya Churna is really useful in the conditions like:

ü  The churna treats constipation

ü  It activates the intestines and so internal layer of the intestines does not permit the stool to stick there

ü  Divya Churna makes one’s body active and provides energy

ü  The churna clears stomach and no toxins are left

ü  It helps to cure flatulence, nausea, heaviness and abdominal pain

ü  It even works as a nice carminative

ü  It is great for treating diarrhea

ü  The churna is beneficial in case of gastritis

ü  Divya Churna even prevents the problem of premature aging

The Divya Churna comes in 100 grams package. One bottle of this churna for constipation has 100 grams powder.


  • You can take one tea spoon i.e. 5 grams of churna with warm water every day. The churna is to be taken twice in a day or as prescribed by your doctor.

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