Dental scaling or tooth scaling is the common and most undertaken nonsurgical method to treat the gum disease that is also called as “periodontitis”. In case the gum disease is moderate and not severe, the dentist might recommend dental scaling to cure the problem and keep it away from getting worse. however in case you suffer from severe gum problem and you require to undergo the gum surgery, periodontist may then recommend you to undergo scaling as well as root planing before surgery along with thorough teeth cleaning process before the surgery begins.

What are they?Dental Scaling

Dental scaling and root planning are in fact the common processes to treat the gum disease and for the early phases, scaling and paning are sufficient to keep the gums strong and healthy. But in situations of advanced periodontitis, the process acts as necessary requirement before the surgical treatment.

Treatments used together

Dental scaling as well as root planing is generally performed with a blend of hand held and ultrasonic instruments. Different types of instruments are utilized for various teeth and also for the different surfaces of same tooth.

How scaling helps?

Tooth or dental scaling is in fact the process to scrap away the dental calculus as well as bacterial plague from tooth surfaces and that too from root surfaces that are below gum line. Removing the plaque as well as calculus during daily preventive dental treatments every 6 months can indeed help a great deal to prevent tooth decay as well as gum problems.

Scaling may leave the surface rough and so it is blended with root planing. Just like the carpenter planes the door in order to make the surface smooth, hygienist planes root surfaces with care in order to avoid the building up or accumulation of the calculus. The smooth root surface helps the gums for regeneration without causing and irritation. Gum tissue generally tightens and shrinks around teeth as the irritant is eliminated or reduced.

Get the best treatment

In other words, dental scaling and root planing when combined together along with proper home dental care and frequent dental checkups and cleanings will surely increase the chances to keep the natural smile and that too for a lifetime.

So, when it comes to having dental hygiene and good health, it is best to get the proper dental treatment done. Scaling and root planing are just some of the common treatments that are carried out. If you have some other dental problems, the treatments may vary.