Technology of developing tooth has developed so much that it can create natural looking teeth. Ceramic crowns are made from porcelain sometimes infused with metal. The other option is the gold crowns. The ceramic crowns have the beautiful translucent look. The ceramic crowns are manufactured industrially and therefore they do not have any deficiency with respect to cracks or dust in them. Therefore they are preferred over the lab fabricated ceramic crowns.

The natural looks of the ceramic crowns make them very appealing; they are used for both front and back teeth. The ceramic is translucent and can be made in shades that complement the look of the other teeth. The crowns are used for injured or damaged teeth and they help to protect the entire teeth giving it much strength.

We may wonder what the need of these tooth crowns is. With increasing age the teeth can change and are prone to decay. Teeth can damaged for many reasons including decay, cracked filings, teeth grinding also called bruxism. The teeth may become irreparable with filing material; the next best option is crown. Restoration of tooth with crowns helps in increasing the durability, cosmetic appearance and they support the tooth in chewing.

With the options of making a crown available to help you get support for your old and decayed tooth, you should first choose the material that is best suited to make it. The materials are full porcelain crown, porcelain fused with metal or gold and full gold crown. After choosing the crown you should choose a shade of the crown, make sure the shade complements the rest of your tooth and is almost unnoticeable.

The procedure for full crown restoration generally takes 2 to three appointments with the Dentists clinic. Generally the procedure takes about 2 visits and sometimes a third visit becomes very essential to make sure that crown fits comfortably and perfectly on the old tooth.

First the tooth decay is removed, and then the impression of the decayed tooth is taken. The impression is sent to the lab where the new crown is created. As a first step a temporary restoration is done. The temporary restoration will look almost like natural tooth that you need not worry about missing or incompatible tooth during your routine work. You can go about your daily work without feeling any apprehensions about your old and decayed tooth.

During the second visit the final restoration is done. It is made sure that the crown fits well on the decayed old tooth comfortably. It is also made sure that the new tooth feels like original tooth. Finally the crown is cemented to the decayed tooth to help get back the beautiful smile.

Crowns whatever forms and material they are made of, help the wearer get the confidence that he had lost because of his decayed or broken tooth. We cannot deny that improvement of technology has helped us improving in many ways which includes our teeth also. Crowns are the best solution to your long distraught problems of having a decayed tooth, you were embarrassed about.