Pregnancy that might be caused because of unprotected sex could be avoided to a large extent with emergency contraceptive pills. Such pills are also recognized as contraceptive pills as well as could actually assist to avoid accidental pregnancy. You may have entered in a sexual intercourse with your spouse or partner devoid of taking the protection to avoid pregnancy. Such contraceptive must be taken instantly after unprotected sexual intercourse.

The main ingredients of the pills are artificial hormone plus their major purpose is to disturb the hormonal pattern necessary for pregnancy in the women. These pills could prevent fertilization of an egg and thus reduces the probabilities of pregnancy. Contraceptive pill is thought to be very effectual when taken in the initial 12 hours of unprotected sex. But recent researchers have discovered that the pills are not as effectual as what was claimed. There are some contraceptive side effects as well.

There are a lot of people who have an incorrect belief that the contraceptive pill could be taken on their own. This is a mistaken concept and a medicinal practitioner must always be conferred with prior to taking morning after pills. The physician would give you advice on basis of a women’s fitness history. A few women might vomit after taking the contraceptive pill. Vomiting could in fact reduce the efficiency of a morning pill. Therefore it is good that you take correct medicine to avoid vomiting prior to you take in the emergency contraceptive pill. It must be noted with the advantages, there are a few contraceptive side effects also.