Concealers can prove to be the closest friend of any woman. It not only helps to cover those dark blemishes, it even provides an opportunity to have a smooth skin. By following some simple steps, you can get to know the best way to apply a concealer.

First of all you need to point the spot where the cover is required the most. Concealers are not made to be utilized the way foundations are used. The concealer should be utilized to cover the specific spots or blemishes like the birthmarks or acne. Just try locating the regions on the face which does not match with the tone or texture. It can be a great idea to use the concealer to the face and neck and that too on the red areas.concealer

A concealer offers nice cover for the rough skin color or texture on the neck and face. To make the skin under the eye smooth and even, use a little concealer on your inner corner of the eyes. Just don’t try to paint the concealer on the entire area, try to only brush or dab it. As for the unsightly pimples and blemishes, continue the process of using small amount and put it on the finger or sponge to be applied on the affected area. Rub the concealer gently in order to cover the entire region. Ensure that you apply your foundation over the concealer in order to make certain that thick coverage is not accumulated.

The foundation contributes in hiding the facial blemishes. After you clean and moisturize the face, try using the concealer on a regular basis. After applying the concealer, let it dry for a single minute or so. It is also imperative to make sure that your concealer dries before you apply the foundation or other makeup on it. The best way to use concealer is to permit it to dry fully, helping the makeup adhere to it.