There is no single or definite reason behind getting depression and anxiety. It may develop because of many reasons. Divorce, severe disease, difficulty in getting a job, money matters, separation from lover, etc. are some common reasons that lead to depression. When one avoids the treatment of depression it may cause major or severe illness. In order to stay away from any serious health or mental issues, you must prevent yourself from getting depression and anxiety. In order to fight depression and its symptoms you must know about the most common reasons behind getting depression.

Traumatic Events

Unexpected and stressful events of life may cause anxiety and depression. Separation from lover or life partner, big loss in business, death of any loved one, etc. are the most common traumatic events that can enhance the risk of depression. To deal with such situations, emotional support from family and friends works as most effective treatment.

Diseases or drugs-

Long and serious health issues and disease may lead to depression and anxiety. You may have higher risk of depression if you are suffering from any life-threatening disease. Head injuries may be a reason of mood swings and other emotional issues. Head injuries may also cause extreme sleepiness, exhaustion, loss of interest in sex which may ultimately lead to depression. Additionally, regular medication can also be a reason behind you suffering from depression.

Family background

Depression is an illness that passes from generation to generation. If any of your family members had depression in the past, there is a high possibility of facing depression for you as well. It is medically proven that children of disheartened parents are more likely to be depressed.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal change is the main reason behind depression especially among women. A woman faces various hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy that may contribute to depression. Additionally, miscarriage and unwanted pregnancy may also lead to anxiety. According to the medical experts most women experience depression after giving birth to a child. Perimenopause and menopause also bring depression among women.   


In the absence of family members, friends and loved ones, most people feel lonely, which is the main reason of getting depression. So, do not cut-off from your near and dear ones. Always try to make new friends. You must involve in social activities and gatherings as well to avoid the chances of loneliness.

Alcohol and drugs

Some people start drinking and smoking to relieve their stress of job, study and other matters. However in reality, too much alcohol or drug can break you mentally as well as physically. This is the main reason of depression among teenagers. Regular and extreme Alcohol can make your depression worse.

These are some common and significant reasons of depression. So, stay away from them and lead a depression free, healthy life.