Having long and curly eyelashes is the dreams come true of almost every single woman. They adopt various methods to make the lashes look more appealing and long. In case you curl the lashes, it is wise to curl the before the application of mascara. Trying to curl the eyelashes after application of the mascara can result in your mascara spilling all over the lash curler and not actually on the lashes, where it needs to be applied. Mascara serves to be a great addition in your make up box as it makes the thinnest of lashes stand out and even adds additional pop to the thick eyelashes.apply-mascara1

It is even far easier as well as affordable to use the fake eyelashes available in the market that makes it a good thing to add to the quick morning schedule. Start applying the mascara by pulling out the brush from the tube and then placing it at very base of your lashes. Wiggle the mascara brush back and forth in order to have the mascara at roots of the lashes. Also, after you have carefully deposited the mascara at base of eyelashes, pull mascara towards the ends in order to reduce some clumping. After that, close the eyes and brush your mascara all over the lash tops thus reducing the clumping.

You need to have an even and good application of the mascara at such a crucial point. Once you apply the mascara, wait for sometime before opening the lashes or else you can sling all the mascara. Darkening the eyelashes base is how the mascara can make your eyelashes look thicker. In short, mascara is one of the products that cannot be used for an extended period of time. In case you see some changes in the mascara odor, just dump it and get a new one for yourself.  Most of the mascaras keep anywhere from 6 weeks to about 3 months and it is better to replace them before they actually go bad.