In summer season, we need to take extra care of hair from the harmful and drying sunrays. We need to moisturize and condition the hair on a regular basis. Some tips for summer hair care are important to note in order to have strong, healthy and shining hair. In case your hair is spray colored, use a conditioner with a good sunscreen to safeguard the hair from losing its color. The extra sunrays on hair can fade the color.  

Also in summers, hair losses its moisture and therefore there is the need for conditioning them frequently. Apply the conditioner after each hair wash or when the hair is wet. The stylish accessories are not good to be used in hair. Pick the accessories which would not destroy or tear the hair thereby leading to unwanted split ends. Use the ponytail holders without the metal barrettes and closures but with smooth edges to protect hair from damage. Washing the hair with fresh tap water once after each swimming session is compulsory to remove the chlorine as well as salt contents. Also, it is good to avoid using a blow dryer in summers and let your hair air dry.  summer-haircare

Avoiding the washing of hair on daily basis is also necessary to let the hair naturally moisturize. You can even tie a scarf in windy times to avoid any hair tangle, breakage and knots. It is also important to get the damaged hair trimmed and that too when you seem to have the frizzy hair. Wearing short and simple hairstyle during hot weather is also a great summer hair care tip.  

But in case if you do not wish to cut your hair short, remember to use a cap or hat while going out in sun and remember to let the cap worn slightly loose in order to permit enough scalp circulation. Last but not least, use a moisturizing shampoo in summer time rather than a normal shampoo which you might be using in other times as the moisturizing shampoos are a bit gentler than their normal counterparts.