For most of the people, summer season proves to be a welcome treat. But for people with oily skin type, summers can be disastrous. Any person with oily skin knows well that apart from scorching heat, summers bring in the tendency to produce oil from the skin. In turn, this adds to the unwelcome glow and shine on forehead and cheeks area.  

There are different factors that lead to the growth of oily skin type. Heredity is the foremost factor contributing in the skin type you have. In case your mother or father has oily skin, there are chances that you will too have it. Even the hormones can be blamed for such a skin condition. Have you ever noticed the large number of young and teen people having peculiar kind of shine on the face?  

In order to keep oily skin at bay, take help from the astringents. Wipe out the oily face parts using an astringent. For a cheaper and equally efficient solution, you can use rubbing the alcohol or a blend of acetone and alcohol rather than the perfumed astringents. Also, keep the skin clean. When the skin is highly oily, it not just looks dirty, it even feels the same. To avoid such a condition, keep the skin clean on all times by washing the face twice a day with the help of glycerin soap. It can even help if you splash cool water on the face numerous times in a day to help removing that extra oil. In addition, say a strict no to moisturizer. Putting moisturizer on your oily skin can clog up pores and can further lead to skin problem like acne.  

Last but not least, avoid the usage of skincare items that can cause the skin to feel dehydrated and taut. This will in turn restrict oil from streaming through these pores thereby leading to skin breakouts and blockages.