Combination skin is basically quite common these days and can prove to be really irritating to deal with. In case you too have a combination skin type, it means that you are featured with some areas and zones that are oily, while others with dry skin. The most promising factor of this type of a skin is presence of oily T zone area, actually incorporating the nose, chin and the forehead. Combination skin condition is also like having the split personality. The skin should therefore be treated as if they were two distinct kinds of skin.  

Regular cleansing is important to care for combination skin. The dry regions need to be wiped off using a light and dehydrate gel along with the moist cotton ball. Also, medicated soap should be utilized on oily areas and then accordingly rinsed off. In the regions that are prone to problems like blackheads, it is better to rub the mix of skin tonic and beauty grains at least thrice in a week. Indeed, if you are possessed with the combination skin, using a nice night care product can even prove to be fruitful. It should actually consist of the light massage using nourishing cream on dry areas.  

The combination skin also suffers from threats of changing weather. People with a typical skin can very well know the way to deal with it but this is not the case with combination skin. This type of a skin is often dry in winter season and oily in the summers. Therefore the skin type faces unhealthy imbalances most of the times. Eating healthy food and drinking huge amount of water can help a lot to get rid of bad combination skin. The skin requires vitamins. Water help keep the skin moisturized deep from within thereby helping to remove the impurities. Also, using the makeup with oil free properties is a good way to keep up with your combination skin.