Our nails may be little but they surely play a vital role thus serving the purpose to help safeguard one’s fingers and enhance dexterity. The nails even reveal clues to the general well being and hygiene level. Women spend large number of hours decorating and painting the nails. Beauty salons provide different types of nail care services as well. But keeping the nails healthy and clean is simple task and does not even cost much.  

In order to keep nails appealing and prevent undesirable problems such as fungal infections which can make the nails deformed and ugly, below are some nail care tips worth considering: nailart1

Moisturize the hand as well as nails with favorite and effective hand lotion. It is not just relaxing; it even contributes in strengthening the nails.  

Use the nail correctly- Nails helps in protecting the end portion of fingers as well as toes and help to pick up the things. So, do not abuse the nails by using them as a mere can opener, screwdriver, scraper or staple remover.  

Keep the nails clean– You can have looks and most costly attire. Bit if the nails are all dirty, you are no better as compared to a dirty pig. Filthy nails turn the people off thereby reflecting one’s personality. Trim your nails and clean them regularly. Use good pair or scissors for manicuring the nails and emery board to get them smoothened.  

Do not bite the nails. Some people are featured with nasty nail biting habit. This not just ruins the nail appearance but even destroys nail beds thereby putting one at risk for nail infection. Last but not least, bulletproof your nails. By this, it means that one should protect the nails from any injury by wearing the cotton lined gloves while washing the dishes or soaking them under water for extended time. This will surely protect the nails from drying effects of water, soap or other harmful chemicals that the nails come in close contact with.