This is a professional product which one can find only near dentists. Carbamide Peroxide is hydrogen peroxide combined with urea and when this compound comes in contact with water it liberates oxygen which helps bleach the stain from the teeth. However many people are a bit scared to use this product as they don’t know much about it. So here I am providing some information about this product.

The Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening system has been tried by countless people and all have been successful in their attempts if they follow the instructions. Studies and researches have shown that this product is purely harmless and even pregnant women can use it. So I am quite sure that you are convinced that it’s safe by now. Let me now tell you how to use it and why to use it.

In the market one might find many teeth whitening products. This product might not give you as rapid results as all out there but then there is one thing that it ensures, you will get the white teeth you have always wanted in maximum 4-5 sittings and at the same time your teeth will get an extra level of protection too. This gel ensures that the sensitivity of teeth towards heat cold etc will be reduced and also you will be the owner of a healthier pair of gums along with shiny lustrous teeth. The compounds present also increase resistance of the teeth toward dental caries (decay).

In this package you get a syringe and two mouth trays. Use the syringe to fill the liquid in the mouth trays and follow the instructions. Few of the many people studied had encountered some itchiness or sensitivity in their gums but it occurred only when they didn’t follow the instructions and filled up the trays too much. Personally I recommend this product in comparison to the lot of product we have in the market and other homemade remedies for teeth whitening too.