The process of having long and beautiful eyelashes starts with proper care of the delicate and tiny hair that protects your eyes. Ensure that you clean your face including the eyes thoroughly before going to sleep every night. In case you have always wished to flaunt those ravishing and glamorous lashes but have no possible interest in using the eyelash extensions, you can be pleased to see that there are other methods as well that can have you those luxurious long eyelashes that you might have always dreamt of.url-1

Use the eyelash curler; clump the curling device down firmly and then ultimately closing to base of lashes for approximately 5 seconds before actually releasing the lashes gently. You can even use a hair dryer to set the curls more prominently. Point the dryer towards the clamped part of curler for few seconds, taking due care not to have risk of burning or breaking the lashes or overheating them. Also, using the accurate eyeliner color on the external rim of eyelid is important to make lashes fuller and longer. The eyelash primer is generally white colored and is available with either some separate product or with mascara. Remember that less is more and when using this primer, ensure to wipe the primer’s wand gently on clean napkin before applying it to your lashes. While using the primer, it is crucial to begin at very base of lashes, as near the lid as possible with zigzag effect on the end of lashes to have the best possible effect.

Also, after applying the mascara, see if there are some clumps on the lashes. Apply about two layers of the bright colored mascara, permitting the very first layer to complete dry before using the second layer and ultimately finish the overall makeup with the eyelash comb. This helps to separate the stuck eyelashes and give them a longer look.