Eyes serve to be the main key to have a slim looking face. Bigger the eyes, smaller your face will appear. So, try playing up with the eyes by using additional mascara on top eyelashes. Avoid the mascara on bottom lash as this can enhance your eyes thus making them look smaller. Also, the fuller lips can offset roundness of the face in order to make it look slimmer.132562

In order to keep the lips fuller, trace external lips using the flesh tone or nude pencil and then smooth it using your finger to make the appearance of depth. In case you still wish to use the lip liner, try doing it on inside of the nude layer. Also, avoid tracing entire lip using the liner. It will make the lips to look thinner. Rather, use the liner modestly in order to enhance widest parts of your lip.

Regardless of what type of foundation you utilize, a nice skin care can shine through the make up. In order to make the make up last for longer period of time, ensure you are using the foundation on oil free skin. Ensure that your face is all clean as well as wiped down using the astringent before actually starting the makeup routine. This astringent not just takes good care of surface oil; it even dissolves the oil in pores thus making them look smaller. Even more, the astringent helps your foundation to adhere in a better way so that it is actually not melting off the face during the mid time of the day.

While the eyes serve to be the very focal point of one’s face, the cheeks basically dominate in space category. It is generally where the most effective make up intensions may fail. So, try shadowing the recessed cheek parts and enhance the cheekbone. Later, complete your look by just dabbing a touch of good bronzer on the nose, chin and forehead to have that naturally slimmer look.