Heartburn is the name of very uncomfortable chest or abdominal ailment that a person suffers from after consuming food or liquids. It may cause burning sensation with mild nausea, discomfort in the abdominal part, formation of gas and occurrence of belching. The person also feels an acidic taste in the mouth.

This uncomfortable situation can be treated with some very effective home treatment. These treatments are easy and less expensive. The following measures can be taken to prevent it from getting more troublesome:
• Do not smoke whenever you feel the discomfort,
• Do not take that food again that causes this disease.
• Heartburn is caused by foods like beans, cabbage, cucumber etc. Do not take these stuff as long as possible.
• While eating your foods, try to sit straight on the table.
• Avoid alcoholic drinks for good.
• Chew the food very well before you swallow it.
• Intake of ginger juice and papaya enzymes can be very helpful for the prevention of Heartburn.
• Increase the quantity of water that you take every day. It cleanses the inner impurities and flushes them out of the body.
• Increase the use of green tea and herbal tea on the everyday basis. It is very effective for the treatment of Heartburn.
• An increased amount of fiber in the food can be a very way to tackling the problem. Increase the amount of fiber in your daily food stuff. It will combat the situation more effectively.

These home remedies can be obtained at your home without making any expenses. Moreover, they are very effective as well.