As you may be aware of, benefits of green tea are far reaching and amazing. Green tea is basically used by people to lose the excessive weight, improve the cardiovascular function and for a lot of other purposes. It can be said that studies have shown that the people who consume green tea enjoy healthier, happier and better life.

The benefits that users enjoy actually come from the antiviral and antioxidants agents present in green tea. This natural tea acts as the defense mechanism against the toxins and free radicals that are found in the body. Thus, the body becomes cleansed and detoxified and so the overall metabolism gets pumped up.

Why green tea?

The Primeval Chinese have used the tea for various medical purposes because they knew that green tea was great for maintaining optimum health. This tea is even amazing for depressions and headaches. The leaves of camellia sinuses used in green tea are included in it using special processes and techniques.

Green tea is even popular for its great magic to prolong life. Recent researches highlight that the tea is used to prevent various diseases and illnesses. If you are keen to using this natural and safe tea, have a look below to check out the 10 main green tea benefits.

Benefits of Green Tea

Benefit # 1

Reduces the blood cholesterol

There are basically two kinds of cholesterol, the bad or LDL cholesterol and the good of HDL cholesterol. It has been found that green tea helps to restrict excessive buildup of the cholesterol levels.

Benefit # 2

Prevents cancer

Green tea is great to use when it comes to reducing the risks associated with cancer. The antioxidants present in green tea are highly effective than Vitamin C and Vitamin E. this in turn helps the body to protect the cells from destruction that are linked with cancer.

Benefit # 3

Aids in effective weight loss

Green tea also helps in weight loss. The tea contributes in burning the excessive fat and boosting the metabolism rate in a natural way. It even helps to burn around 70 calories in a single day. The tea includes a great ingredient called Catechin that helps to reduce the weight and thus maintain perfect body and figure. This ingredient further saves the body from the free radicals after a workout.

It is thus advisable that you drink green tea on a regular basis and in fact after each meal. You will surely notice considerable changes in your body. The tea will make you look slimmer and fitter. It will even keep your overall body in perfect shape.

Benefit # 4

Heart disease

This natural tea is even great to prevent any sort of heart stroke or disease as it lowers down the cholesterol level. Even if someone faced heart attack, green tea contributes in preventing the cell deaths and thus speeds up the total recovery of the heart cells.

Benefit # 5

Fights aging

Green tea includes the antioxidants called as polyphenols that fight against the free radicals. This simply means that the tea helps to fight against the seven signs of aging and thus promotes longevity of life.

As oxygen plays the main role in maintaining metabolism, it even serves as the unhealthful agent. Being the free radical, the oxygen found in body corrodes the cell membranes thereby damaging the fats and DNA. Ultimately this results in causing diseases like cardio vascular problems, diabetes and cancer. Thus green tea helps with aging and wrinkles through its anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Both the human and animal studies have shown that green tea when applied topically can greatly reduce sun damage as well.

Benefit # 6

Controls blood pressure

High blood pressure serves to be a severe burden on vascular system and is thus known to result in various types of illnesses like heart strokes, heart disease and some other problems. Green tea can greatly help to lower down the overall levels of blood pressure.

Benefit # 7

Prevents arthritis

Green tea helps to reduce and prevent the risk of facing rheumatic arthritis. The natural tea has benefits for overall health because it protects cartilage through blocking the enzymes which destroy the cartilage.

Benefit # 8

Alzheimer’s disease

Green tea helps to boost the overall memory. As there is no possible cure available for Alzheimer’s, green tea slows down the process of acetylcholine in brain that ultimately results in Alzheimer’s.

Benefit # 9

Aids in deterring food poisoning

It has been seen that this type of tea is featured with the ability to reduce or kill the bacteria and is thus popular for deterring food poisoning. One can even treat the problem of diarrhea using green tea. The natural tea is a strong sterilizing tool for all types of bacteria which leads to food poisoning.

Benefit # 10

Fights the viruses

Green tea’s theaflavin and catechin are great when it comes to fighting the flu virus. More so, it is believed that anti viral ability of the natural green tea has some sort of effects on AIDS virus as well.

Other popular benefits of green tea

People suffering from diabetes when follow the daily routine of drinking green tea will soon observe that their illness has become simpler to control. Also, people facing the bowel problems like irritable bowel see considerable difference in their condition when they start taking green tea. Furthermore, it helps to cure and fight acne thereby leaving the users with clearer and healthier complexion.

There are in fact many green tea benefits that you can enjoy like getting proper sleeping and more. If you are looking forward to buy the best and most useful green tea, then considering the option to Buy Tava Tea is apt. there are many healthy and natural benefits of Tava Tea as well. So, go on and start living a healthier, better, longer and happier life with green tea.