A diet pyramid or Food Pyramid is the conceptual representation of foods that one should take in the diet and it further offers the idea of proportion of every food category that one should include in the regular food intake. A healthy and balanced diet incorporates right amount of minerals and vitamins for a healthy body. In fact, a well balanced diet has fresh vegetables and fruits, proteins, carbohydrates, fats as well as dairy products.

Vegetables should indeed be one of the primary parts of the diet. By having a variety of fresh vegetables will not just benefit your health by providing minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals as well as other nutrients, but will even help you to keep weight under full control.

Food Pyramid

Further, proteins offer necessary amino acids that a body requires to function and develop. While the animal sources of proteins like dairy products and red meat include all amino acids needed by the body, the problem is that these sources are basically high in the level of saturated fats that when consumed in huge quantities can result in weight gain.

More so, carbohydrates are crucial part of the daily diet as well. These carbohydrates offer the much needed fuel to the body to do all sorts of physical activities. Last but not least, fats are dense in the amount of calories and are the way body stores energy. Thus high fatty foods can result in weight gain. But more important than the fat that you eat, it is the kind of fat that you need to pay close attention to.  The trans and saturated fats raise the danger of facing heart attacks and cholesterol levels.

So by following a proper healthy Food Pyramid, you will be able to enjoy a disease free and well balanced life.