The very first step to shape the eyebrows is to actually trim off the additional length. Using brow comb, it is wise to brush the eyebrows, starting from the inner end and then working the way out. It is better to use cuticle cutter in order to get the hair trimmed that are not even and does not make a straight, smooth line. Then, try holding the eye liner pencil flush with the nostril and make it angle so that it easily crosses inner tear duct of eyes. The eye liner pencil needs to cross the eyebrows, offering the perfect point for the brow. Use the eye lining pencil; mark the line on eye brow. After that, use eye liner for drawing the structure of brow that you wish to have. Try clearing off the extra hair. Using tweezers or pluckers, just pluck the hair that actually lies outside the black marked line. Then dampen the cloth using warm water to wipe away eyeliner. Then, you will be actually left with a great looking eye

It is a basic notion that secret behind ideally shaped eyebrows lies in costly treatments created by the salons. While threading and waxing do offer flawless eyebrows; some simple tips can be used easily at home in order to have the beautiful brows. So, just avoid the expensive treatments and try giving some time to yourself with tweezers and eye liner pencil. For fastest grab factor and maneuvering, but the scissor handle tweezers that appear to be like cutting tool having that central hinge.