Swami Ramdev has been announcing on a regular basis on the popular Aastha Channel that people suffering from weight loss problems and other incurable health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer can cure or at least treat these problems a bit with the help of yoga.swami-ramdev-ji-dvd

Yoga and weight loss are related to each other. Regular yoga practice with controlled lifestyle can hugely lower down the weight of a body. Yoga also makes the humans efficient, slim and agile through the various asanas taught by Ramdev. The best part about Swami Ramdev’s yoga for obesity is that it can be performed by people of any and every age. Yoga helps the person to achieve control over one’s behavior and mind and thus one can simply control the food habits thereby resulting in reduction of obesity.

Ramdev ji’s yoga for weight loss has an entirely different effect that is surely permanent than the other weight loss techniques. Weight loss faced with yoga is permanent however one will require practicing the yoga techniques regularly to maintain that slim and trim figure.

Yoga asanas such as Dhanurasana, Paschimotannasana, Sarvangasana, Trikonasana, SaralHastaBhujangasana, Veerasana and Halasana are really useful to lose weight. Regular yoga practice can reduce the weight. The great yoga techniques contribute in affecting the body, its endocrine glands, mind, brain, internal organs and other parts. The yoga poses or postures can be easily performed to reduce excessive weight and have normal health conditions.

Even the sun salutations are beneficial to have effective obesity management. Each day the 24 sun salutations with 4 rounds in a single minute speed offer benefits of the yoga asanas. The sun salutation practice serves to be the set of 7 yoga asanas performed in some order that helps in toning the muscles and the internal organs of the body thereby increasing the oxygen and blood supply to these body parts. Everyday practice of these sun salutation poses offers great exercising for the lungs as well.