Amidst the growing concern on increasing spread of H1N1 swine flu virus, the renowned Yoga practitioner, Baba Ramdev has now prescribed yoga to be a savior from swine flu infection. As the swine flu influenza hits the patient’s immune system, there are fewer chances that the healthy people will get affected from this problem.516252379_1c96ca7676

While describing the benefits of yoga to battle the H1N1 virus, Swami Ramdev reported that if people keep their respiratory organs strong and healthy, they can not just fight the problem of swine flu, but can also keep other diseases at bay. It has been claimed by Baba Ramdev that Pranayama helps to increase the immunity of a person thereby making him or her immune from swine flu infections. Even Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika and Kapal Bharti are other yoga techniques that can make your immune system powerful and healthy. These yoga postures also serve to be great tools to stimulate the immune. Practicing Baba Ramdev’s yoga for swine flu with slow breathing can also help in relaxing the nervous system thus reducing the signs and symptoms to catch infections or allergies spread in the air. Kapal Bharti is also good for allergies because it forces out one’s mucus.

Some ways through which yoga can help the immune system involve:

ü  Improving the circulation

ü  Supporting thymus gland

ü  Increasing the lung mobility

ü  Relaxing one’s nervous system as well as boosting the immune

ü  Rejuvenating and massaging the internal body organs

ü  Improving flow of sinuses and throwing out the mucus from lungs

ü  Improving the flow of oxygen and helping to transfer energy from the nutrients to body cells

So, it is advisable to adopt some beneficial yoga poses for swine flu and keep the deadly virus at bay.