Yoga considers sex an ordinary function of life just like many other functions which are necessary to maintain an affectionate relationship and also necessary for the persistence of human race on earth. In fact we have a branch of Yoga known as Kundalini Yoga for sex help you in increasing sexual powers and desires.

Advantages of Yoga For Sex:

There are many yoga asanas which can be used to increase ones sexual powers and also sexual desires. Many great yogis like Baba Ramdev and many others also advise one to follow the path of yoga as it rectifies the body and also relieves stress along with increasing ones stamina and potential.

Yoga also helps one increase their sensitivity towards things. The breathing exercises help one to relieve their anxiety and thus remain fresh and active for a longer time. It also results in enhancing energy levels along with stamina. When one seeks deeper knowledge of yoga, we also find different positions of sex which can’t be performed with a flabby and non fit body. The most effective way to increase performance is regular practice of yoga & using Natural Supplements like VigRX for best results.

How to improve sex life?

There are several Yoga Postures which help great way in increasing Sex life & in other hand we can say you may have better love making experience if you perform few yoga steps regularly. We are listing a few Yoga Postures for Enhanced Sexual Life.

1) Lotus posture

  • Sit on yoga mat with your spine straight.
  • Draw your heels towards your abdomen and place right foot on left thigh.
  • Repeat same with your foot and rest it on right thigh.
  • Place your hands on knees with palms towards ceiling.
  • Hold the position for several seconds.

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2) Uddiyana Bandha

  • tand and distance your feet up to hip’s width.
  • Lean your arms and hands on your thighs above knees by bending a little.
  • Shift all the weight of your torso on your hands and legs to ease stomach and back.
  • Now exhale out of mouth forcibly.
  • Let your chin touch your chest to close throat.
  • Now lift the belly up and as trying to inhale but not actually doing so.
  • Start with a 5 second rep but increase time period as you gain skills and endurance.
  • Before inhaling make sure you release your belly and unlock your throat. Then breathe slowly.
  • Repeat for 5 times.

3) Halasana

  • Lie on the mat and rest your back.
  • Now lift your legs upward, take help of your hands if necessary.
  • To remain steady in position place your hands on your back.
  • Once you lift your legs, try to align them straight with your body stretching as much as possible.
  • This is Sarvangasana pose, now try to down your legs over your head.
  • Once again rest your hands on back to retain the pose.
  • After 15-30 seconds release the pose.
  • Repeat for 10 times a day.

4) Matsyasana

  • Lie on mat on your back with feet joined and hands relaxed alongside.
  • Place your hands underneath your hips with palms facing down.
  • Now bring the elbows closer, breathing in lift your chest and head.
  • Now keeping chest elevated touch the mat with the top of your head lowering it.
  • Press your elbows on ground so that body weight is on elbows and not on head. Lifting chest up , press your legs and thighs to the floor.
  • Taking gentle breaths in and out hold the position as long as you are comfortable.
  • Relax posture with every exhalation.
  • Now bring head up, chest down and hands back to alongside and relax.

5) Supine Pelvic Posture

  • Lie on your back. Bending knees and your soles touching floor, relax.
  • With exhalation, try to rock your hip towards your face so as making a curve with your back.
  • Take your pelvis as a water bowl, and water is spilling towards the belly.
  • Hold the position for a few seconds then inhale and return to first position.
  • Repeat 5 to 10 times a day.

6) Viprita Karani

  • Place two folded blankets or a bolster to your waist for support.
  • Take a deep breath and tilting your torso towards the bolster swing your legs up against the wall.
  • The support to the waist should be appropriate when you tilt your torso. If you are slipping then readjust your position and start again.
  • Keep your legs straight and feel the pubis stretch all the way to your shoulders.
  • Try to lose the base of your skull to soften the stretch.
  • Allow your hands to rest on sides opening shoulder blades with palms upwards.
  • Keep this position for 5 minutes in the beginning gradually increasing time with endurance.

7) Sarvangasana

  • Lie on the mat on your back.
  • Bring your elbows closer and keep your hands resting on your back. Lift your legs and straighten them with elbows forcing downwards and hands on back.
  • Keep your body weight on elbow and back and not on your head or throat.
  • Keep your legs firm and stretch them to bring your toes straight up your nose. Keep attention that you do not stress your neck at all.
  • Hold posture for 30-60 seconds with breathing deeply.
  • Now slowly release the posture bringing down your legs and relaxing your back and spine for minimum 60 seconds.

8) Sirshasana

  • First kneel down and hold your elbows with hands.
  • Now keeping the position of elbows static bring your fingers in front of you and interlock them.
  • Place your head on floor with your locked fingers on back of head resting.
  • Now straighten your knees and raise hips, your position should be of a inverted V.
  • Keep your knees straight and bring your feet close to your face walking few steps as much as possible.
  • Now bending your knees, point them to the sky.
  • Now straighten your legs and keep it straight and relaxed.
  • Make sure that your head not bearing more than 10% of your body weight.
  • Hold position for 5 seconds in beginning gradually increasing to 15-20 minutes.

These yoga’s when combined with the normal life not only help one boost the sexual life but also the normal life of the person. It’s because yoga never cures any diseases it cures the body and thus knowing or unknowingly we improve.  It cures the body at two levels, the physical level and the mental level. Hope you found this article useful and may you have a happy sexual life.

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