Swine flu is now turning out to be the biggest threat to people all across the globe. Recent reports say that about 1000 cases of swine flu have been found in India alone. The very admired and popular Yoga master, Baba Ramdev has recently offered some Ayurvedic medicine to cure swine flu H1N1 infection. Ramdev Baba has offered some medicinal tips for the people which can save them from this H1N1 virus. He reported that Amta or Giloy plant’s one long branch with 7 leaves of tulsi can make a perfect juice to be consumed after proper boiling. This very effective herbal juice helps in increasing the body resistance to over three times thereby eliminating the chances of getting attacked by the bad swine flu infection.swine_flu_0426

Baba Ramdev has also advised people to regularly practice yoga to serve as a preventive step against the swine flu influenza. He has also indicated that people featured with a powerful immune system cannot get affected by the swine flu virus and through pranayama and yoga; one can keep the immune system and the respiratory system all the more strong. Even including bhastrika, anulom vilom and kapal bharti in the daily yoga schedule is a great way to keep swine flu at bay. Ramdev Baba has even advised the general masses to utilize facemasks while moving in the crowded public places to avoid getting swine flu infection.

Baba Ramdev has advised consuming the juice of Giloy plant as it helps to keep the entire body system intact. He further gave advice to the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle with proper space for regular exercising. He even claimed that many a patients suffering from health problems like dengue and chicken pox has been treated with due help from Indian medicinal herbs and yoga and that swine flu can also be treated with due contribution of these factors.