Swami Ramdev or popularly known as Baba Ramdev was born in 1974. He is a Hindu swami and an admirer of subhash Chandra Bose and Swami Vivekananda. Worldwide he is popular for his Yoga practices. A huge number of people attend his Yoga camps. More than 80 million people follow Yoga particularly via videos and TV channels. The sessions of Yoga that he conducts worldwide are free of cost.  Baba Ramdev also specialize in herbal medicines that can cure every disease.

Divya Churna Amla for eyes digestion n general health

Phyllanthus Emblica known as AMLA is one of the natural source to get vitamin C. it has a lot of medicinal actions. Amla also helps us to get rid of many types of germs and it keeps our body healthy and helps us to stay away from various infections. It is prevents hair loss, constipation, hyperacidity, and various skin ailments. It is also useful for certain disorders related to eyes.


A teaspoonful of this churna twice with water daily (5 gms).

Divya Arshkalap Vati for piles

This herbal medicine helps to prevent piles of all sorts be it dry or bleeding piles. It also helps to relieve certain complications like burning sensation, pain, itching etc.


1-2 tablets twice everyday, also the intake depends upon the severity of the disease.

Divya Churna 4 constipation

It takes out faeces that are adhered in intestines and activate the intestines. Therefore the faeces are not allowed to adhere there again. It makes the body active as it empties the stomach and thus removes all kinds of disappointments. It cures flatulence, abdominal pain, nausea and heaviness.


One teaspoonful daily (5gms).

These are few medicines which will help to get rid of such dangerous health problems.