Ayurveda is a well-liked substitute therapy that has cure for a lot of ailments comprising the chronic ones as well as also anemia. Ayurvedic Home remedies highly recommend the eating of fruits such as banana, oranges, honey and beetroot juice. These are all good sources of iron and even accelerate the absorption of iron in the body. Though many Ayurvedic Home remedies are based on vegetarian diet principles and seldom does this cure technique advocate the intake of non vegetarian food items. As the part of Ayuvedic home remedies, tomato is also a good source of vitamin C which helps in enhanced iron absorption plus one could have it raw or prepare it in a juice. Moreover, it is supposed that the breast fed infants and kids are less expected to be weak in their rising up years.

In accordance with Ayurveda, there are 8 different sorts of bodies that are prone to different diseases. One of these is weight problem; obese people are more likely to grow the diseases related to joints, heart, liver and kidneys. Overweight people are also likely to a number of other diseases like thrombosis, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and disease related to gout and liver. Ayurvedic home remedies that are helpful to lose weight are Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Avoid using extreme salt and milk products like butter and cheese. Mint helps you decrease weight, thus comprise green mint chutney in your meals. You could even go for Mint tea.

Ayurvedic Home remedies are great for aches and ear Infections as well. Many ear problems are cured with Lakshmi Vilas rasa. This is recommended for both children and adults. In adults, dose is one pill three times daily. It is a sour pill, thus to decrease its bitterness it is consumed with honey. In kids, the dosage is decreased.