Mesothelioma may sound exotic but this is the name of asbestos lung cancer. It is a deadly disease that happens at the outer surface or the lungs. The main reason behind asbestos lung cancer is too much of exposure to the asbestos for a longer period of time. It is a rare type of cancer than happens in one among millions of people. Apart from asbestos it can happen if the person has inhaled certain types of fibrous silicates for quite some time. Mesothelial cells are present around the organs in human body. Different types of mesothelial cells are there and the mesothelial cancer occurs and spread in the layers. Mesothelial cancer is deadly and the treatment is quite challenging for the doctors.

Three different types of mesothelial cellsare there and they are- sacromatoid, biphasic and epitheliod. Among them epitheliod cells are known as the most common type of cancer cells. 70% of the epitheliod cells represent malignant mesothelioma. The cells arrangement is uniform and tubular. Among the other type of mesothelioma cells biphastic cells are upto 30% malignant. Biphastic cells occur when other type of mesothelioma cell are already present in the tumor. Rarely one can see the mesothelioma cells to occur from the benign tumors. There are different ways to treat this disease. The doctors usually opt for surgery initially. Then they combine radiation, chemotherapy and other ways to treat it.

Asbestos Lung Cancer

One can face breathing trouble, nausea, chest pain, cough and fever. One must not ignore these symptoms if he or she is exposed to asbestos for some time. The pleural space between the lungs get filled up with accumulated fluid and that is why these troubles happen. Fatigue, anemia and wheezing can also occur sometimes. The symptoms occur a real long time after the asbestos exposure. It can even take a decade or more than that.