Anusara yoga is one of the most popular forms of yoga these days. Founded in the year 1997, Anusara yoga poses were first created by John Friend, an American Yogi. With its headquarters in Texas, Anusara yoga teacher training is now available all around the United States of America.

According to Anusara yoga teacher, the Anusara yoga poses are meant to increase positivity and spirituality in people. The Anusara yoga poses are extremely effective and lighthearted. Although they aren’t very easy to perform because of the alignment work and vinyasa flow, when adapted properly and practiced using the correct poses and forms, Anusara yoga poses and asanas can give you relief.

Anusara yoga follows the principal of celebration of heart. As the heart is the source of happiness, it is important to keep the heart health, and Anusara yoga poses helps in attaining that.

The Anusara yoga teacher training community aims to bring in more and more people to join their community and soon become one of the most eminent names in the field of yoga and yogic science. It is a dynamic system that follows the ideas of receptivity, self-examination and discovery. Together, these things can help in bringing out the best in a person.

Anusara yoga has been growing consistently with proper integrity and harmony, which combines to form the vision of the Anusara yoga teachers. The teachers level the natural goodness of the asanas and Anusara yoga poses, its worthiness in our life and the benefits of the same.

In order to attain spiritual tranquility, harmony and peace, Anusara yoga teacher training is extremely important for people who are starting off their yoga sessions and intend to become teachers in the long run. By learning all the aspects of this yoga form, it will be possible to achieve the ultimate level of peace and sanctity.